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Delivery through (Experience)

Established over 40 years ABC TRANSPORT has grown to be one of the South East's leading transport companies by understanding our customers individual needs. Our record of reliability stems from the daily, hands on running of the business by the people who know the business best, the owners and operators.

All of our vehicles can be tracked using the latest technology from Masternaut giving our customers and ourselves accurate information of their goods. Be assured of a first class service at competitive rates.

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Our (Mission)

Our Mission, here at ABC Transport (UK) LLP, is to gain loyalty & trust with our customers and employees by maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and continually striving to exceed the expectations of all those we come into contact with.

We know the long term success of our business depends on the quality of service and cost effectiveness we provide for our customers. That is why we are committed to the continual improvement of our service.

ABC TRANSPORT (UK) LLP (Environmental Policy)

Environmental protection and management are an integral part of ABC Transport (UK) LLP, Operations. The company takes it share of responsibility for preserving the environment and for following the principles of sustainable development.

  1. ABC Transport (UK) LLP, aims to improve all of the operations with a view to preserving biodiversity, recognition and protection to all its employees.
  2. Reduction of detrimental environmental impacts and, in particular, control of emissions into the soil, water, the aquatic ecology and the air.
  3. Materials, which are considered of a hazardous nature to the employee, public or the environment shall be avoided, but, where their use is deemed necessary use shall be minimised. However, wherever possible such materials shall be replaced by alternative materials of an environmentally friendly nature.
  4. We will maintain our fleet to optimum efficiency and reliability and to replace vehicles which are beyond efficient and environmental repair and to have speed inhibitors fitted on all our large vehicles to maintain fuel economy. All consumable vehicle parts are fully re-cyclable or bio-degradable.
  5. We operate a greener fleet which monitors our co2 emissions and idleling and mpg which is in force on every vehcle.
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